Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Out & About

We had planned to go over to Chris and Sirkka's place, and I had wanted to smoke a chicken, but it was pouring rain all afternoon, so I roasted it. I was late putting it in the oven, so we finished it in theirs while everything else cooked. I augmented the remaining kale pesto with the watercress purée from trout night, plus more garlic and pine nuts. This went on gnocchi (store-bought, but still good) and we had salad and steamed beets from their great garden. A perfect rainy summer dinner- we've had a lot of rain, and it lends itself to a slightly more decadent plate than the heat. Another Domaine la Millière did the job.

No picture from this one, so here's the lineup from Sunday's dinner at Milo's birthday party:

(For those of you keeping score at home, this makes two 1978 Burgundies in as many weeks, a tradition John and I hope to continue.) I found this one in Kingston for very little money, and though clouded a bit with sediment, it was delicate, funky and had that certain magic that no other region can touch. The Châteauneuf was great, too.

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