Sunday, January 07, 2007

Loose ends

The remaining barley with the addition of milk, agave syrup, and bananas, simmered this morning into a yummy breakfast for Milo. For lunch, we all had tortellini in a classic fridge sauce: the stuffing from Xmas, which Christine puréed last week with a can of tomatoes into soup (like a chickeny pappa al pomodoro) mixed with the kale pesto left over from a recent pizza, plus the last of the short rib liquid and the last of the frozen peas. Great sauce, and the fridge is pretty efficiently cleaned out for a shop tomorrow. Tonight we go out, and for the kids I made mac and cheese but with whole wheat pasta, buttermilk, parmesan, cheddar, and kale pesto mixed in as a stealth vegetable that also turned it a nice green.

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