Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Duck Soup

This has been a week of many soups; we all had the flu and tonight we sent the last sniffles packing with a nice finale. Previously, I had made minestrone from the fried lamb chop bones, then a chicken broth that began as something similar to tonight, but larded with copious hot sauce, ginger, and garlic to napalm the wretched microbes, then ended up as fridge soup a couple of days later with pasta, beans, kale, and brown rice all added in.

This one began with dashi, and soba, and seared duck breast, with blanched carrot julienne and frozen peas for color. Flavored with a little tamari, and with steamed kale on the side tossed in sesame oil, orange juice, ume vinegar, and tamari it kind of brought us gently back into the richer, deeper kind of food that the healthy get to enjoy while still being just a bowl of soup.

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