Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rolls With Punch

I went to a couple of stores, looking first for fish and second for other things to give me ideas; if I don't have a clear idea in mind, the sight of good-looking ingredients gives me focus. So I found some excellent marlin, and decided I'd make hand rolls since we had some brown rice in the fridge. The hand rolls would need sriracha mayo (duh) so I got eggs and oil. I also broke my "don't buy vegetables between May and October" rule because there were some beautiful local garlic scapes and ours haven't scaped yet.

In addition, there were finally local hothouse tomatoes, so I loaded up on those. Thus, predictably:

And then the rolls. Sriracha-lime mayonnaise, avocado, red onion, sylvetta arugula, and chervil joined the panko-togarashi crusted marlin that I quickly dropped in some hot oil before slicing. It was a pretty insane combination, and kept me busy rolling seconds and thirds (though, as the photo shows, speed-rolling sushi is not my best event.) I also chopped the scapes and sautéed them hot with a zucchini until there was some good brown on them, then squeezed in some lime juice and dumped the mixture in a bowl. They were as good as it is possible for a side of veggies to be. We drank a 2006 Jacky Blot Vouvray- "Les Caburoches" this time; soon I hope to have an excuse to compare this one with the one we got from Mary.


cook eat FRET said...

i'm so glad you are willing to break that rule... because produce rules are MEANT TO BE BROKEN.

Zoomie said...

As always, your presentation is lovely - I like the "evil" look of the sushi and the pinwheel effect of the tomatoes. Very cool.

peter said...

Claudia: The exceptions are local tomatoes, corn, and fruit. And anything else I can't resist.

Zoomie: I'd say "sloppy" rather than "evil," but thanks as always.

Zoomie said...

Not sloppy - to me they look like creatures from another planet or a Hollywood B movie. Very cool - if you hadn't told us they were sloppy, I would have assumed it was intentional.