Thursday, October 09, 2008

Close Enough For Jazz

I joined the local mycological society in the spring, but they evidently had some staff shake-up and never contacted me due to lack of organization. Since I was hardly around this summer, it's probably no great loss. But next year I hope to go on some of the walks. And a mycologist friend of ours is coming for the weekend, so with any luck we can go hunting. In the meantime, one of our local stores sells wild-foraged mushrooms from the local woods.

Christine got some maitake there, and some salmon, so I made a quick dinner that was gloriously autumnal in color and flavor. A huge sweet potato got peeled, steamed, and mashed, and I turned some frisée into a flourescent green mash. The mushrooms, which had a fair amount of dirt in their nooks and crannies, needed to be chopped fine as a result of all the dirt-removal surgery. I sautéed them with a little guanciale, garlic, and parsley. I baked the salmon dusted with salt, 5-spice, pepper, dried sudachi zest, garlic, and ginger. And that was it; in a perfect world I would have made a little more of the sumac sauce, or a little red wine-soy reduction, but as it was pretty great even without it. Green mash is as much of a condiment as most meals need- especially those centered around a piece of animal.


Heather said...

I made salmon with a potato-maitake hash last night! But my salmon was curry-maple-mustard glazed with some of the alder salt, and the potato-maitake hash had some yellow pear tomatoes, roasted jalapeño and curry cream. It sounds a hot mess, but worked.

There's just something about the change of weather, isn't there?

We Are Never Full said...

bitchin. gotta love the fish/meat combo. this looks so good and is reminding me that i've been eating too much meat recently.

desichai said...

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cookiecrumb said...

My mushroom teacher said "You can eat *any* mushroom. Once."

Brittany said...

I love a nice autumnal array of colors on my plate. Beautious.

Frisee mash? Wow. I'm intrigued.

peter said...

Heather: That sounds awesome. We're, like, psychic or something.

Amy: The fish guys at Union Market are really good, and they'll order you anything you want.

CC: That's true. We didn't find much, and they were all inedible.

Brittany: All of the endive/radicchio family make great mash. I'll link to my mash post again so you can see how it's done.