Thursday, February 05, 2009

Three Is Leather, You Know

I just realized that this blog is three years old as of a couple of days ago. In honor of this momentous millstone milestone, why don't you all take six or seven hours to go back and reread the entire thing? I'm pretty sure there will be lots of enlightening little details that you missed the first time, and you'll be glad you did. Some of you may wish to write post-graduate theses on it, and I encourage that.

Yesterday I drove to beautiful Newark to pick up some paintings from a gallery, and to add some much-needed fun to the day I made a little detour to Mitsuwa to stock up on Japanese delicacies. They have some excellent fish there, and I picked a few varieties to make into another wannabe dinner.

First up was beautiful yellowtail with a mixture of our ponzu and watermelon hot sauce. (These weren't actually served sequentially, but the pictures will be.)

Next, one of my favorites, which nobody else likes- mackerel.

Then, octopus slow-poached in olive oil, and tossed with parsley, pepper, and yuzu juice.

And last (not really, because there was chard cooked with garlic, tamari, and finished with sesame oil that was as good as greens get) I made chirashi with some very sweet and tender unagi, using some re-hydrated Chinese takeout rice from a container in the fridge. I also picked up a bottle of Wakatake "Onikoroshi" Junmai Daiginjo sake and accidentally drank a few glasses with the meal. Onikoroshi means "demon slayer" and while I can't vouch for that, it is a great match with food: aromatic, very slightly sweet, and a nice alternative to beer (which I almost reached for.)


Zoomie said...

The dish for the mackerel is the perfect, perfect presentation. Amazing.

Heather said...

You paired and reviewed sake, sorta! Koroshi means demon. I know that from playing Okami (if you ever get to a point in your or Milo's life when video games become a thing, please play that game. Or at least watch the trailer on Youtube). Koroshi was the demon that plagues the beautiful Japanese countryside.

I have a nice slab of unagi in my freezer that wants me to break it out so badly.

cookiecrumb said...

Well, then three joyous lashes with the leather whip for you. Happy B-day.

Ditto to Zoomie's remark.

My WV is packyber, which is referring either to my 6-pack abs or my beer belly. Same thing, actually.

The Spiteful Chef said...

If you had to describe your career, what would you say you do? You seem like a man of many talents. Too many, actually. I'm suspicious. And enthralled.

cook eat FRET said...

spiteful, he's a kept man. a stay at home dad who occasionally paints in his garage, keeps house, gardens and cooks. yep. that's our peter...

yellowtail is my favorite sushi. and i love mackerel... with lemon zest and ginger.

cook eat FRET said...

ps - congratulations on #3

wouldn't pork belly with skin-on, cooked to perfection be the same as eating leather?

Brooke said...

Hey congrats on being around so long. While that's way more fish than I would be able to comfortably consume in a week, I am impressed that you even know what to do with all of it...and your plates. Did you make those?

We Are Never Full said...

love the use of old chinese take-out rice. very nice. mackerel is a fave around these parts. but, yes, people are afraid of it for some reason.

i love how these comments have become like the "peter dating game" - can you list your weight/height and favorite date place? or maybe claudia could chime in to help you out on that one?

my 'captcha' was "vagnyl" - heh heh heh.

Peter M said...

Mackerel, when fresh is a fish that's hard to beat, taste wise...I hear ya.

My fave is the olive oil poached octopus...details...I want DETAILS!

peter said...

Zoomie: You would say that.

Nerdy McDorkwad: So break it out, already.

CC: I am overdue for another round of plate-making.

Kristie: I'm a painter with poor time-management skills.

Claudia: It would, but there's a bit of a belly drought right now around here.

Brooke: I did.

Amy: I'm a Scorpio and I like walks on the beach at sunset.

Peter: Uh... there's a post of a similar dish with details here:

Heather said...

Well I can't now, or everyone will think I copied you.