Sunday, March 01, 2009

By Request

So the wife comes home from the store the other day armed with a tub of fat scallops and a pack of good bacon, and suggests that it would be a good idea if I wrapped the former in the latter. I did, fastening them with rosemary (perfect, because a bunch of branches on the plant just died to due the unhappy combination of underwatering and proximity to the radiator.) I put them on circles of the curried cauliflower-dashi gel and dribbled a pan sauce of agave, soy, and all the bacony goodness over them.

As good as they were, the next morning a few leftover ones chopped into scrambled eggs with truffle oil and rolled up in a tortilla with some sambal for breakfast were absolutely insanity-inducing.

True story.


cook eat FRET said...

and a good one too...

something about scallops and cauliflower... and thyme - just sends me. but the rosemary bacon version with your pan sauce sounds wonderful.

sometimes your combinations confuse me but insanity-inducing is hard to question.

Brittany said...

such an obliging husband. I can practically taste the nommy pan sauce.

The cauliflower-dashi gel thingy is harder for my food imagination to conjur up, but not because it doesn't sound delicious.

I would totally order that.

Peter M said...

I think she'll kick you out of bed just to get you to serve her another brekkie in bed.

Dessert? (evil grin)

Heather said...

Looks like your wife has been reading Jamie Oliver cookbooks.

And "ew" at El Greco commenting on your sex life.

The Spiteful Chef said...

What gellifying agent do you use? That almost looks like an agar agar concoction.

Hannah said...

I just finished reading through your archives while I was housesitting this weekend and I wanted to say that I really enjoy reading about the wonderful things you do with food.

I especially enjoy that you use everything.

Thank you so much for being an inspiration.

lisa said...

I want that breakfast taco on the menu at my local coffee house.

We Are Never Full said...

i don't believe it.

if anyone but you mentioned how you used the leftovers i'd laugh. but you saying it, i'm writing this down.

peter said...

Claudia: It is easily induced in me, and it's a short trip.

Brittany: But you'd skip out on the check, wouldn't you.

Peter: I'll never tell.

Blanche: She doesn't read cookbooks ever.

Kristie: Agar it was. You win the stuffed penguin.

Hannah: Wow, thanks. You deserve a medal for wading through all of that.

Lisa: Oh, man, would they clean up.

Amy: Bacon and sambal. You heard it here first.