Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lies Make The Baby Jesus Cry

So this isn't about the excellent shellfish-kielbasa stew in Vermont. I'll get to it later, though I don't actually have a picture of it. Maybe some fall foliage instead for atmosphere.

This is about a wife coming down with something, and the lack of anything easy to prepare in the house. A quick trip later, we were the happy owners of some lovely short ribs. And since we have a pressure cooker, shreddy, falling-off-the-bone-ness was a mere 40 minutes away. Roots (carrot, celery, parsnip, turnip, burdock) plus onion, garlic, herbs, tomato paste, a little soy sauce and rice vinegar all went in there with the meat.

Perfect. Beefy, with a wonderful sweetness from all the roots, and a slavericious sauce that had us all drinking out of our bowls. The leftovers were even better, providing an excellent lunch on an absurdly chilly day.


The Spiteful Chef said...

Wha? But I have a pressure cooker! I can DO THIS. You're awesome, except for your ethnically-related meanness regarding your bacon. Jerkface.

Moonbear said...

I love a slavericous sauce. Drips off the chin in a nice way. Hope everyone is feeling better.

cookiecrumb said...

It's almost Japanese. Yes, it's almost Japanese.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Ooh, have never used a pressure cooker before. This stew looks gorgeous, I love the sound of all those vegetables and herbs in it.

peter said...

Kristie: No, YOU'RE a jerkface.

Moonbear: Hey, welcome back. Nice to see you again.

CC: You really think so?

Laura: They are the best- the ultimate time-saver.