Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day

We got 8.5" of snow last night, so school was cancelled. I still had to schlep over to the garage and have the power steering belt replaced, but at least everyone else with an appointment that morning was still at home shoveling out so the guys got it done very quickly. I love all-wheel drive.

So with a kid to entertain, and after making a couple of snowmen (one had a homegrown carrot nose and a wine funnel for a hat) we retreated inside for lunch. I had made some saffron-pimentón pasta dough in the morning, figuring a hearty and labor-intensive meal was in order, so we rolled it out into fettucine. I steamed a couple of snow crab legs in sake, then cut them open and pulled all the meat out. I reduced the sake, added a pat of butter, a sprig of thyme, and some peas, then tossed in the just-cooked noodles. A few twists of pepper and a pinch of crunchy salt, and we were in business. A glass of wine would have been nice, but might have resulted in a painful postprandial face-plant. I've got no idea what to make for dinner. Soup, in all likelihood.


Zoomie said...

I miss snow days. They were very rare in Rochester, where we scoffed at any but a full-blown blizzard, but the rare ones were wonderful.

Kristiecsu said... that was LUNCH? Ridiculous. Beautiful, but ridiculous.

peter said...

Yeah, but now it's all frozen solid and icy and it's 10 degrees out and the thrill is very much gone.

Wait... is that a cow, or like a sheep with mumps?

Miss jane said...


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