Friday, January 01, 2010

A Day Of Rest

This dinner took place a couple of weeks ago, but given the groggy indolence of today I thought it would be appropriate to put up a post that consists entirely of other people's work.

Jen and Chris had a holiday gathering at their lovely home here in town and chef Dave went all-out making us a glorious feast.

Here's the menu, with pictures by Jen:

hors variés
coconut chicken satay on banana bread muffin
macaroni and kunik goat cheese bites
catskill venison carppacio local baby arugula roasted shallot and grape relish garlic crostini

carrot pea raisin cilantro lime raw kale lemon garlic grilled vegetable caponata

pigs in a bacon blanket inside out s'more

swiss chard gratin local baby arugula walnut black olive pesto

pan seared cape diver scallop apple nut salad peanut vinaigrette

smoked salmon chowder smoked trout lox rainbow trout caviar

first course

mixed game burger applewood smoked bacon Vermont cheddar polenta cookie Moroccan chutney

second course

baby back riblets asian cole slaw maple ginger bourbon sauce

third course
garlic studded leg of lamb root vegetable latke grilled apple sauce cider reduction herb crème


brie and red grape rum pudding with saffron crème anglaise and rosemary

I thought about annotating this with descriptions and comments, but I'm going to let it speak for itself. It was a pleasure to be fed such wonderful food and meet good people and have nothing to do with any part of the organizing or preparation. Or the documentation, for that matter. The pros do it better.