Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We're still sick. It's not too bad, really–just a cold. But the timing is not so good. I had big plans for this week, big plans. Now my plans consist mostly of making an increasingly impossible to-do list for next week. On the plus side, though, I get to drink rum whenever my throat hurts–day or night–so there's that.

I did manage to rally this afternoon and get some chicken stock going with frozen thighs, adding fennel, ginger, garlic, and carrots to the mix. Later, I strained it into a smaller pot, and added shredded lime leaves, galangal, nam pla, the meat from the chicken thighs, and a dab of green curry paste, then let it simmer for a short while. The herbs on top were just-picked chervil, scallion, and bolting cilantro (I love the way the leaves get all lacy when they bolt) and some minced fennel fronds. This was pretty authentic tasting and all the way delicious. I added a ton of our homemade pink hot sauce from last summer.

Best of all, since there was pie crust in the freezer (I always make a double order) I busted out a quick strawberry-rhubarb tart for dessert, sweetening it only with maple syrup and honey. We ate damn near all of it, for medicinal purposes. The rest is for breakfast.


Zoomie said...

If that doesn't make you well, nothing will. If one's mother was a gourmet chef, she'd make you that chicken soup.

Julia said...

Sorry you are sick! What a bad time; this weather has been so unpredictable...At least you are able to keep the nourishment coming. Soup and tart both sound incredible. Say, if you know of any place where I can get large quantities of rhubarb, would you let me know? I am on the hunt.

peter said...

Zoomie: The coconut makes it even more comforting.

Julia: I know; I lost a week in the garden. No help with the rhubarb, but maybe you could try a 12-step program?

butterface said...

I always approve of pie for breakfast.

Sometimes when I see cozy things like that soup, I wish I was sick. Then when I am actually sick, I feel stupid for ever wishing that upon myself. Soup or no soup.

Sorry you were sick. Hope you're better by now.