Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Better Than Sports

I was going to write about some sushi, but it's raining so I think I'll go with some better wet-weather fare. I finally gave up and came in from planting various fruit in beds I've been working on, and when they're done I'll put up a post about them too. In the meantime, remember that grilled lamb from the other night? I mentioned that we also picked up some meaty lamb bones as well and made stock with them. So I strained the stock into containers and fridged it per usual, picking the not-insubstantial quantity of meat off the bones and putting that in yet another container.

That meat–sitting provocatively at eye level in a glass container–got me thinking about what do do with it. I had considered lentils, but we were out, so I grabbed the jar of chick peas and put a couple cups of them in a bowl to soak. Come evening, I minced up a little prosciutto fat (I save it all; it's as good as lardo, and there's a lot of it on our half leg) and then tossed in some of the last overwintered onions that grew back and divided. Then a pinch each of cumin, mustard, and coriander seeds, plus some carrots, a handful of Mediterranean herbs, and then the meat to soften and brown. Once all was glistening and fondtastic, I added a splash of wine, some of the lamb stock, and water to cover the beans and let it simmer for about an hour.

Towards the end of that hour, I made a pot of whole wheat couscous, fluffing it with olive oil and minced chives when it was cooked. I love how fluffy well-made couscous is. It's not at all like pasta, really; it seems closer to quinoa and yet doesn't have the grittiness or the slightly metallic taste that keep me from making quinoa more often. And it soaks up the liquid from a tagine very very nicely. The spices in the lamb stock melded beautifully with the spices in the stew, and the result was a lovely harmony of flavors. And it was all made possible by Sunday stock-making.


Ant Kendall said...

I much favour quinoa because of its high quality protein and the absence of gluten. Makes s lighter meal for me.

Zoomie said...

I made a risotto this week with lamb broth - killer! The post will be up in a couple of days.

peter said...

Ant: I know it's much more nutritious, and it is lighter. I just don't love it.

Zoomie: I'll keep an eye out. People don't make enough lamb stock.

Julia said...

Good day for transplanting and a good day for stock to come out of the fridge. Or was it freezer? Looking forward to the fruit post. I'm hoping to get something new at Lee Reich's sale...Medlar maybe?

Zoomie said...

You're right. We should start a FB page on lamb stock for people to join.

peter said...

Julia: Fridge, since it was only a day or two old. And I may well see you at Lee's sale.

Zoomie: Become a fan!