Sunday, September 05, 2010


A bit late, I know, but I was on vacation–blissfully removed from all things prefixed by e- and i-. Until I get my photographs sorted, here's the link to my latest Chronogram piece: a profile of a local aquaculture operation.

Photograph by Jennifer May


Zoomie said...

I can't agree that this is a good idea - so much better to work to clean up the oceans, determine a sustainable catch, and let nature do the rest. If we settle for this, the energy goes out of trying to fix the mess in the wild. You did a good job of being balanced about your story but I still worry about the fish food (here we go again with a new risk of mad-cow type problems), the huge energy cost in cold NYS, and the loss of momentum for helping the oceans.

Zoomie said...

Plus, it looks like a crappy life for a fish.

cook eat FRET said...


take that

Heather said...

Somethin about motionpicturesunderwaterstarringmostofyouloops?

I worked with a group of steelhead fishery folks when I was in high school. Some fish take to it better than others, and some are better for the environment than others. I ain't mad at a little farm-raised tilapia.

jonathan said...

Thanks for the great blog! I love it.

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Michael @ said...

a motion picture under water starring Mr. Fruit Loops. They call me Mr. Wiggles the worm, and these are my ladies Giggle and Squirm.