Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bento plate

This certainly would have been nicer in a Bento Box, but lacking same I went with a plate. Simple sashimi of yellowfin tuna and beautiful kampachi plus a jicama and daikon salad with scallion and cilantro tossed with sesame/olive oil and ume/rice vinegars. I steamed sliced sweet potato and then, briefly, kale in the same pot and dressed them with a tahini/miso/lemon sauce. Drizzled a ponzu-sesame oil mix on the sashimi, shook some gomasio on the spuds, and done.

It might not be an intuitive match, but a 2000 Guigal white Hermitage did some fancy dancing with this meal; the honey and hazelnuts kind of hovered above the fray like an ethereal baklava, accenting the sweetness of the fish, jicama, sweet potato and miso, while the chalky-rocky part buttressed the delicate ocean flavors in a strange yet wonderful way.

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