Monday, April 03, 2006

Fridge Stroganoff

Another leftover festival tonight, into which went:

-The chickpeas and kale from last night
-The last of the lima beans, fennel and sunchokes from a while back
-The half can of tomatoes from pasta night
-A half block of tofu left over from Milo's lunch, cubed
-A small can of coconut milk
-The remaining cooked lasagna noodles, cut into fettucine maltagliate

Plus some vindaloo paste, pepper, and finished on the plate with chopped scallion and the kaffir lime/coconut smoked salt. Somehow it managed to perfectly straddle India and Italy; the heat of the curry and rich coconut melded with the sweet tomato and pasta texture. Sort of a pasta e fagioli by way of Calcutta. Having no beer, I opened a Casa Julia sauvignon blanc from Chile, which for eight bucks worked pretty well.

For dessert, 2 containers of semi-fossilized white rice from the takeout Thai last week simmered down with rice milk, almond milk, organic sugar, Vietnamese five spice, and organic fair-trade cocoa powder plus half a banana and a handful of raisins to make a vegan rice pudding which will be even better tomorrow.

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