Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On short notice, we went over the Chris & Sirkka's place for dinner. Chris and the guys are recording, so we tried to time it for his return home. After some consultations about ingredients, we brought over a few things and all got to work while the kids played. I stuffed some of their crookneck squash with a mixture of sautéed squash necks, onion, garlic, and crabmeat, then covered them with breadcrumbs and parmigiano. Sirkka dug and roasted some potatoes (their garden is incredible) and Christine sautéed chard with some of our lardo.

They had bought some escolar and scallops, and marinated the scallops in wine and soy sauce, so we seared them and deglazed the pan with the marinade plus agave nectar to make a sauce. I minces a cucumber and a serrano to make a little salsa/salad to go with it and cut through the richness. This is exactly the kind of dish I had in mind when I made these plates, but we never used them before I gave them to Sirkka for her birthday. We polished off an open bottle of a Trimbach pinot gris.

Chris threw the fish on the fire when he got home, and we put everything else on the table. Damn fine. We brought our last Choffelet-Valdenaire Givry, and it was an excellent match. The end.


cookiecrumb said...

I love your funny little plates.
As you know.

Brittany said...

You know one of the guys from Medeski Martin and Wood??

Thats awesome. You're way cooler than I thought.

Thanks for the green bean instructions- We're having them tonight.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It looks like a great evening all around.

Heather said...

Without the crookneck, I thought those were butternuts.

Is there anything better than garden featng with friends? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Zoomie said...

What Cookiecrumb said.

peter said...

CC: I know.

Brittany: I know and love them all. And yes, I'm totally cool. How did the beans come out?

Jen: It was.

Heather: Nope.

Zoomie: I know.