Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The summer of back-to-back-to-back-to-back physically and mentally demanding projects is over. There are some chores left, but nothing monumental. It's such a pleasure to look back instead of forward on all this work. And it's great to be home.

The pyramid went together easily, and painted up nice and garish- as befits a piece for a big rock festival. It was on the hill in the VIP area, so a bunch of bands did interviews in front of it. At night, with the lights all around, it kind of looked like a psychedelic dalek. So it had that going for it.

Not much culinary news, though there's a new and damn fine wood-oven pizzeria a block from our place in Brooklyn, which is both a joy and a sure sign that the neighborhood has really arrived. From a sheer pleasure and excitement point of view, though, the best bites of the week were the snacks at the backstage after party on Saturday night; the roster for the festival included a bunch of acts I don't know or like, but Cat Power was there, and the Kings of Leon, and the Roots, and best of all these five polite and charming young English chaps who closed out the first two nights with a combined five hours of pretty astonishing work.


cook eat FRET said...

wowee zowie...

man, i am so not cool
but i love the sculpture
it's pretty damn happy
even christmas'y

hey, ummm - i love the new coldplay record...(cause i hated the last one) so like does that count at all???

i used to know it all - musically speaking. i just kinda gave up when i started disliking 85% of everything i heard.

now i listen to NPR and drive a volvo.... scary.

Heather said...

Ugh, it's about time.

Heather said...

Also, omfg, are you seeing Radiohead? How do people with kids even do that?

The new N.E.R.D. is pretty good, and of course I've been listening to Santogold for a couple months, but I'm really into The LaSalles right now. And this song.

peter said...

Claudia: If I hadn't gotten free VIP access, I would not have gone.

Heather: I know. And yes, twice, and meeting them too. It was easy: since it was a paying gig, I just left the family at home. (Though I did try to get them to come down on Sunday to no avail.)