Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In America, First You Get The Money, Then You Get The Cheeken

There's honestly not much to say about this meal. A perfectly roasted free-range organic chicken on roasted (mostly) roots- carrot, parsnip, turnip, onion, garlic (an entire head) and fennel, with gravy made from giblet broth with turnip and celery plus a duck/chicken fat roux and a perfect winter mesclun salad. I tried a 2004 Andromeda, and while it's pretty much unrecognizable as pinot noir, it's pretty wonderful with this kind of bad-ass home cooking. Milo said "Dad, I want you to roast a chicken every time you make dinner." And then he ate all the garlic cloves and chicken skin he could get his greasy hands on, followed by everything else. This dinner didn't stand a chance.


cook eat FRET said...

not one but two (2) perfect things?!?!?!

i'd be putting a fork in milo's hand for those garlic cloves and chicken skin. those big little boy eyes? i'm immune....

merry christmas to you and yours

Heather said...

There is something so primordial about a roasted chicken, and when done right, so transcendent.

Off to the store for me, again!

cookiecrumb said...

Aww. Man. That's food. Good going.

And I gotta deal with a rib cap, when I'd much rather eat chicken. (Thanks SO much for the video; I just trimmed and rolled it. I was pretty pleased with myself.)

peter said...

Claudia: He had a fork, but he's quicker with his hands. Merry Xmas to Jew, too.

Blanche: I know; I honestly could have eaten the entire thing by myself.

CC: Well, there are worse things in life than being forced to eat a rib cap for dinner. Make chicken on Friday.