Sunday, November 08, 2009

East Of Eatin'

What could have been framed as a giant pain in the ass- taking the bus down to the city, renting a 14' truck, loading it full of crates at the Brooklyn apartment, then driving back up here- was instead pretty painless, and made even pleasant by the scintillating weather, lack of traffic, and a stop at Mitsuwa for a whole basket of goodness.

I didn't take any pictures of the first dinner: sashimi of yellowtail with jalapeƱo and ponzu, plus half-salted mackerel, and olive oil-poached octopus tossed in a sauce of yogurt, smoked paprika, kimchi brine, and agave syrup. For the main course, tofu stir-fried with carrot and broccoli in a peanut sauce over bean thread noodles.

The next night, I made dashi and big fat fresh udon, adding edamame and matsutake mushrooms- both raw and caramelized- to show off the wonderful flavors of the royal mushrooms. Piney, subtle, rich- they're really best just warmed in the broth without any messing. Next time I may broil them quickly with a few pine needles to give them a smoky, resinous edge, but they were pretty happy floating on good dashi with fat-ass noodles and raw Berkshire pork that reached the perfect rosy hue after a minute of loving submersion. A pinch of shichimi togarashi added a nice heat and iodine tang. I bought sake and shochu, too, and was forced by Science to try them both with this.


cookiecrumb said...

Science won't let you down. QED!

Jana Martin said...

yum looking. wasn't hungry a second ago, then I read you, and now I'm starving. But, but isn't all paprika smoked? And, and if not, I'd love to know where the smoked stuff comes from.

peter said...

CC: Res ipsa loquitor.

Jana: It's not, but the smoked stuff comes from Spain. La Tienda sells a variety of hotnesses.

Julia said...

Mitsuwa is always worth it!!