Thursday, February 25, 2010


On my way back from Newark airport after dropping the family off, I accidentally bought this beautiful Le Creuset dish. Then, once the kitchen was functional and said family had been fetched and reinstalled here at home, it sort of seemed important that I take it for a spin on our new 101,000 BTU stove (not counting the oven, of course).

I dusted chicken legs with a mixture of flour, salt, and spices (all in the Indian flavor spectrum) and then browned them in their own rendered fat and removed them. Into the redolent schmaltz I then dumped carrot, onion, sweet potato, kale, and red cabbage, and let it all caramelize a bit (a bit being about a minute on the new stove). I added coconut milk, vindaloo paste, and water, returned the legs to the fray, and covered it to simmer. At the very end, I shook in some frozen peas. We had it on quinoa, with mango chutney.

Apologies to those of you waiting for renovation porn; I'll have those pics up soon, I promise.


lisa said...

Nice accidental purchase! Can't wait for the renovation porn.

Zoomie said...

"Accidentally" gave me a big smile. I do a lot of accidental purchasing. I'm in deep, deep envy of your wonderful stove. Mine has (only) two electric burners and a grill. I make do, but I do have stove envy.

cook eat FRET said...

i just bought one too - on feb. 13 i accidentally bought the 7.25 quart round pot in the new purpley color. it's awesome.

Heather said...

I've been hankering for a new tagine, but have officially run out of room for any more shit. Sigh. I guess I could always become a hoarder.

peter said...

Lisa: It wasn't my fault, I swear.

Zoomie: See above.

Claudia: Those are really nice.

Blanche: You can blog about being trapped under a mountain of bundled newspapers.