Friday, July 09, 2010

That's Not Ironic, It's What Happened

This meal actually took place before this wretched heat wave, which should be self-evident since it involved using the stove for more than 90 seconds. Our meals lately have been quick and minimally heated, and I'm not even taking pictures because it's all I can do to remember to keep breathing. Funny how after last summer's desperate railing against the incessant rain has begotten this desperate pleading for the heat to be broken by some rain (we haven't had any in something like two weeks now). If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'm going to have to put the sprinkler on the garden for three or more hours. The seedlings can't take this.

I rubbed some lovely local lamb chops in some lovely local miso and let them sit, then wiped off most of the miso, then seared them in the iron pan, turning a few times. I pulled them out and sautéed first some locally grown shiitake, then our own mixed greens in the same pan, and then served all of the above with some of the beet-currant sauce from John's birthday appetizers and some leftover escarole mash. Freaking delicious, and way more interesting than the turkey burgers I made tonight. I'm such a giver.

Miso makes an extraordinary marinade for meat, caramelizing to a beautiful and flavorsome crust...

...I swear that if I sit here typing for one more minute with beads of sweat running down my back I'm going to off myself. Turn off your computers and go do a rain dance, for crying out loud.


Anonymous said...

It's coming, the cool weather. It was in the upper 50s last night and the high today will be 80.

No rain though.

And yes: this is the time of year to cook once for a week. That's my ticket. Then make the leftover meat into salad toppings. Highly advisable.

Local miso? AND vinegar? wooww

Zoomie said...

The weather here is so changeable that I am often posting about soup on a searing day or salad when we are putting on socks and sweaters. Oh, well, in my view lamb chops are delicious in any weather.

Brooke said...

Okay that just looks pretty. I love the color of the sauce, but I'm a whore for anything beet.

I will definitely try miso as a marinade in the very near future. Sounds lovely.

Ant Kendall said...

I fully agree with the miso-as-marinade concept. May I add another of my personal discoveries.
Olive brine
Olive brine instead of salt to any marinade adds ....well....olive flavour ( ie umami) and i really like it with lamb and greek flavours such ans rosemary, red wine, garlic, oregano, mint, lemon, parsley, onion (yes that is all one marinade)

peter said...

El: Yeah, this writing job is hipping me to all sorts of great local producers.

Zoomie: They are. I'm closing in on buying a whole lamb I think.

Bwookie: I remember your colorful recent post on the subject.

Ant: I love using olive brine like that; it seems like such a waste to pour out such flavorful liquid after they're gone. It makes a pretty good mayonnaise, too.