Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lamb shanks

Another perennial comfort food, and to me further proof that one should go for either the best or the cheapest cuts; the best can be barely seared and are tender as can be, while the cheap cuts with proper slow cooking are magic. The key is a good braise with good ingredients. In this case, adzuki beans (dried, which cooked up perfectly and soaked up all the excess liquid,) mirepoix, porcini, garlic, fresh rosemary, bay, one quartered lemon and black olives. Added some of the chicken broth I made days ago, and enough water to cover. Simmered low for 2+ hours and it was perfect. Some people like their shanks to stay together, but I prefer it when the meat disintegrates into the stew. Finished with truffle salt, and enjoyed with the Torbreck Woodcutter's again- a great lamb wine.

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