Sunday, February 12, 2006

Toro! Toro! Toro!

Got some beautiful tuna belly yesterday from the place in the Chelsea market, where it's only $10 a pound. Trimmed off the best part and made some spicy tuna maki using the risotto and a sriracha/mayo sauce. Cut the rest of the fish into fat strips, then salt and pepper, then into the hot cast iron for about 30 seconds per side. Pulled out the fish and deglazed with Marietta Old Vine Red (an awesome wine for 12 bucks, and still one of Christine's favorites,) tamari, lemon juice, and a drop of honey to thicken it.

There was still some rice left, so I made balls, rolled them in sesame seeds, and crisped them up. I had also bought some baby yellow and orange carrots so I cooked them in just a little water with the bases of their greens still attached.

A ball went in the center of the plate, then a triangle of each color carrot, then strips of fish around the outside, and sauce over all, with a bunch of cilantro on top. From now on I'll try to take pictures, because this one looked pretty good.

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