Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Less is more

Came back from a night upstate and had this in the fridge: chicken thighs, collards, and the usual assortment of grains and condiments. So I defrosted the chicken (I know, I know) and rubbed it with some cumin and cinnamon, rubbed some lemon slices with the same, plus smoked salt, and seared up the chicken in the big sautée pan. Drained extra fat, then added minced onion, garlic, and chopped collards plus a bit of chicken broth from the other night. Fried the lemon slices while all cooked, and made some red quinoa. Chicken went on quinoa, with a dab of tapenade and then a lemon slice, with collards on the side. Ate it with a Pleiades XI (2001) by Sean Thackrey, which is drinking like a pair of red velvet hot pants after your honey has worn them out dancing all night.

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