Friday, June 29, 2007


Chris and Sirkka had a long day coming back from his gig at the Montreal jazz festival, so I offered to make them dinner to make things easier. Christine is in the city for a couple of days, so I wasn't able to shop, and thus made do with the garden, fridge, and pantry. Poppadums kept the kids happy while I made more summer rolls (from now on just assume I make them every time since I'm completely addicted to them) with the same almond butter-ponzu based sauce as last time. I soaked and then cooked a bunch of chick peas with a variety of milder curry spices so the kids would be able to eat them, and Chris made endive mash and picked more salad- last time they were here we made a walnut oil-sherry vinegar dressing, and it really let the greens shine through, while still having a ton of flavor, so he made it again. They also brought homegrown/made radish pickles that rounded out a rich, varied and clean meal very nicely. This kind of food really gets the taste of the road out of your mouth, as does a sparkling Vieux Pressoir Saumur rosé followed by a 2003 Selbach-Oster Spätlese riesling.

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