Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week in Review

The lemon tarts were so well reviewed, especially by Christine, that I was pleased to have saved the unused pie dough in the fridge. We had some of the sweet potato salad left, and a few of the blue potatoes, and tofu that I didn't throw in lunch's fridge soup because I wanted to make more summer rolls. So I made a tart in the small pan, just the same as last night, and summer rolls with mint, greens, tofu, and noodles with an almond butter-ponzu sauce, green mash from radicchio this time, sweetened a bit with an ume plum, and so arranged a nice plate that kind of reprised the highlights of our last few meals in fine style. I had wanted to open a sparkling rosé with the fancy feast, but neither of us felt like drinking tonight.

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