Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pizza Party

We had a few friends over, with a total of 5 more kids, because Milo wanted to have a pizza party. I made four: potato, (our almost very last) kale pesto & dried tomato (mixed with a bit of basil pesto and the endive-umeboshi mash) zucchini (our very last) and shiitake-guanciale (sautéed in a pan with garlic and parsely until nice and caramelized.) The last two were with homemade tomato sauce and local mozzarella. I've pretty much perfected my dough recipe, and with the convection oven at 500˚ and a $3 tile from Lowe's in the oven they come out pretty crispy and authentic. The key is to get the crust nice and thin. Jackie brought some local ice cream. There were no leftovers.


Zoomie said...

Pete, you gotta start posting your recipes. No fair inducing salivation in CA without giving us a way to satisfy our yearnings! :-)

peter barrett said...

At some point I'll put up the crust recipe. As for the toppings, it's whatever is at hand.