Thursday, February 21, 2008


I like stuff in my burgers. Not a ton of things, or any big chunks, but minced onion and garlic, herbs, and occasional spices can all elevate the experience to something much nicer than the usual (as can using local, organic meat.) They can also be halfway healthy, too- especially if you bake rather than fry the sweet potatoes, and serve them with a brassica-heavy mesclun, braised fennel, and roasted beets on a spelt English muffin with a slice of melted Swiss cheese. I'm going to keep refining this; now that I'm into grinding my own meat there are limitless possibilities that will still taste like a burger (rather than sausage.) A 2005 Domaine du Joncier Lirac was quite a serviceable burger wine, with some fruit and spice behind strong tannins. With time it might be more versatile, but for now it wants meat.


Heather said...

I like stuff in/on my burgers too. Sometimes I put mayo and bbq sauce on, then bacon, cheese and avocado. It sounds like an abortion but it's actually good.

Thanks for the AV club link, the "failure pile in a sadness bowl" is my other favorite moment in standup.

Americuh! Eatin' mah lunch from a single bowl!

peter said...

He's a genius. BBQ sauce IN the burger would be wicked.