Sunday, February 03, 2008

Midwinter Garden Update

Today it's sunny and relatively warm- around 40˚- so I was able to wrestle the plastic off the South side of the covered beds and see how the plants are doing. Growth is slow, but happening, and the hardy stuff is perky and beautiful. We're going to have a huge head start with kale and collards come March; we're already getting as much sun as we do in mid-November. Here's a shot of the salad bed, with the mâche, arugula, and sorrel soldiering on, and the two microgreen mixes ready to get macro in a hurry.

The cabbages are doing well, and the turnips and radishes are getting pretty fat. Given how little I knew or did this winter, I think that next time around we'll have a pretty serious crop; timing the late-Summer planting is key, as is choosing the right species. (Milo votes for more radishes.)

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