Monday, February 11, 2008

A Mystery, Inside a Riddle, Wrapped in a Tortilla

It's amazing what a difference tortillas can make for a fridge full of leftovers. Tonight, I made broth with chicken thighs, saving the broth for tomorrow, and wilted some spinach with garlic and lemon. In the fridge, black bean soup (really thick) and veggie curry, brown rice, our pickled serrano-carrot mix, and some wicked roasted beet salad from the weekend all lurked. I pulled the chicken meat apart and tossed it with garlic and chili powder in a pan, then combined all this goodness in a giant whole wheat tortilla. It's as good a way of dispatching the week's remains as any, and a refreshing departure from fridge soup (which is likely what the broth will end up becoming the base for, along with all that was not burritoed this evening.) Yesterday I discovered the Siduri pinot we bought a while back, so we had some. It lacks the funky depth of their single vineyard offerings, but is still an excellent Washington pinot for the money.

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