Saturday, August 02, 2008

Don't Let Your Meat Loaf

There was talk of burgers; good beef was procured. But just because I'm posting doesn't mean I'm not working like a lunatic- having never before built a skinny octagonal pyramid 16 feet high that can be assembled on site in a field with no power tools, I've been frantically doing math (which I sucked at last time I had to do any, over 25 years ago; I was the only person in the history of my high school to have to take algebra II three times) and cutting lots of lumber at 14˚ and 22.5˚ in the hopes that it will all work. I'll find out on Monday.

Isn't that interesting? It's all a long way of saying that I was NOT about to light a fire and make burgers. So I took all the meat and mixed it with herbs, an egg, ketchup, breadcrumbs (toasted heels ground in the food processor) plus onions, garlic, some duck fat, and smoked coffee. While it did its thing in the oven, I blanched more of our green beans- they're finally under control- and mixed them in with chick peas and kidney beans I soaked and then put on to simmer during an afternoon water break. The beans also got onion and garlic and herbs, plus lots of vinegar and olive oil. My Grandmother made wicked three-bean salad and this would have made her proud. I took some ketchup, mustard, and kimchi juice and reduced them to make a sauce, and wilted some chard with garlic.

The meat tasted like an imaginary food halfway between meatloaf and pâté (it was even better fried up this morning with eggs and beans) and everything did what it was supposed to, including yet another 2003 Jaboulet Vacqueyras- which is the Colt 45 of wines: it works every time. Milo just put on the awesome compilation of Bollywood action movie soundtracks from the 70s that he loves, so I have to go dance with him.


Brittany said...

A cross between meatloaf and pate?? Oh mercy.

I'll take a sandwich made with the leftovers please.

Heather said...

Oh god oh god. That.


I love meatloaf so. Oh, how I love it. Ketchup or gravy, it is the perfect food, and you can't refute this. I love it with mashed potatoes and I love it with mac n chee. I love it in sandwich form. I love it som much it forces me to talk like Dr. Seuss.

Heather said...

Also, is your kid listening to Madlib the Beat Konducta?

Zoomie said...

I thought I was the only one who flunked Algebra II twice. The second time, my teacher took me aside and said, "Pam, drop this class before I have to flunk you again." :-(

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That really looks gorgeous - what a fantastic photo!

Don't feel bad - it was "recommended" that I not take any further math classes after 11th grade because I just didn't GET IT. LOL!

Heather said...

....I was good at math. :/

cook eat FRET said...

smoked coffee?
i am stumped.
help me to understand...

math shmath
i was great at algebra.
but after algebra came boys and drugs and sex - so math lost its appeal.

i was a nightmare child
back in the day...

Mallow said...

Duck fat and coffee? Hmmm... Looks gorgeous, and after the three donuts I just ate here at work, I sure would like to be eating that instead.

peter said...

Brittany: leftovers?

Heather: If I wasn't so tired I would respond in Seussian rhyme.

And he does, but not as much as his Dad.

Zoomie: I may still hold the record.

Jenn- I don't feel bad. The best part was going back to teach there later on and going to faculty meetings with the teachers who gave me D's and F's.

Heather: That's because you're a nerd.

Claudia: I smoked a bunch of beans, then ground them.

Mallow: Welcome, and coffee and duck fat go really well together. I'm thinking smoked espresso donut fried in duck fat.