Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Add More Balls

Just as we brought some excellent raw and cooked materials to Vermont, we also returned home with leftovers that have been enriching the meals back here. In this case, I used the fennel risotto, the end of the seared duck breast, and some local blue cheese that I can't remember the name of to make supplì- or arancini- to go with a little of the first batch of sauce from our plum tomatoes that I made to can for winter.

Rolled in egg, cornmeal flavored with paprika, and then fried, there's not much more to say. Everyone loves rice balls. Everyone also loves Pleiades XIV, and even though Sean won't be making any more I can't stop drinking them. We also had wilted chard and cucumber salad with red onion and parsley. Another treasure we brought back from VT were a couple of jars of my Grandmother's freezer jam (strawberry and raspberry) which, considering that she died in 2000, are far more finite and precious. It was hard to be there and see all the apples and blackberries ripening perfectly and not being made into jam, jelly, and pies. We did the family tradition of near-constant high-quality eating proud, but it made me sad to drop the ball on all the bountiful fruit.


cookiecrumb said...

Fruit is hard. I don't think we can eat, or even preserve, it all. I'm happy to share with the birds.
I personally don't like the idea of adding extra sugar, so it pretty much limits me to eating fruit raw or gently baked. Or juiced. Juiced is good.
Sorry you couldn't bring some home.

cook eat FRET said...

is that the cooks version of "more cowbell"?

peter said...

CC: I don't use sugar, normally- just some agave, honey, or maple syrup and the low-sugar pectin.

Claudia: It's from The Simpsons, actually.