Friday, June 12, 2009

Fait Accompli

This will be quick, because I've been writing all day and desperately need a shower. Wednesdays we have the Farmers' Market in town, so we wandered over to get a few things. Wild Hive has a table there, so we said hi to Don and grabbed some beans and a bag of his 10-grain mix. I like making it into risotto-y things, and since the wife had stopped at the fish market earlier for scallops, we were in business.

A simmering pot of roasted chicken broth and some little beets cut into small cubes (plus some minced dried porcini) were all I needed to make a creamy, deep fuchsia porridge of sorts which I topped with seared scallops and a little pan sauce made with sherry and pimentón. A salad on the side. Organic rosé. Aaaaw yeah.


Zoomie said...

Like that big, floppy leaf on the side - nasturtium? If n, are they edible? I know the flowers are but haven't seen anyone munching on the leaves.

annc said...

how very pink & green of you

Brooke said...

Love the pink risotto. I want beets in everything these days. Don't know why.

peter said...

Zoomie: Nasturtium leaves are delicious.

Annc: I wore my Nantucket reds while I made it.

Brooke: Because they're so good.

Heather said...

My beets are almost ready to be turned to tiny cubes. The scallops look nice and bouncy.