Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Yellowtail Told By An Idiot

We went to the city for a night, for a real live date–including dinner at WD-50, which I may write about–made possible by my Brother coming up to hang out with Milo so we could stay at his place. On our way back, we got some fish in the Chelsea Market so we'd have something to eat for dinner. Milo really has a thing for yellowtail sashimi, so I bought a one-pound block of sushi-grade hamachi and we were in business.

I trimmed off the collar and marinated it in miso, sake, and agave syrup while I dealt with the sashimi. Last time we had this, I concocted a sauce that garnered particularly enthusiastic praise, and he made sure that I remembered how to make it: light soy sauce, ume vinegar, rice vinegar, sesame oil, yuzu juice, and a drip of agave quickly whisked together. We also had a mango and an avocado that needed eating, so I made a quick salsa sort of a thing with them and a bit of leek and the sashimi sauce that remained in the bowl after spooning it over the sliced fish.

Once that was dispatched (quickly, needless to say) I gave the collars a hard sear, removed them, added chopped leeks to the pan, and deglazed with extra marinade once they got all caramelized and crispy.

Next up, more of the wonderful fat sanuki udon in dashi with some of the new batch of homemade kimchi on top. I didn't take a picture, but as I mentioned before bowls of noodle soup are not hard to find on this blog. Once I'm done doing taxes I'll have more time for longer posts.


cook eat FRET said...

i wanta hear about wd50
thumbs up?
i've not gone...

isn't that yellowtail farmed? if it's flesh is that pale it must have been. no?

Zoomie said...

How did you learn so much about cooking? Just trial and error, or were you professionally trained?

cognitiveleeks said...

What is the collar?

peter said...

Claudia: Well, for the money it didn't blow my mind. Maybe I'll get it together to write a post about it.

Zoomie: Uh... I just mess around. No training.

Christine: It's the part right behind the gills.

We Are Never Full said...

when i have a kid i want him or her to eat raw fish and not complain. i want him/her to actually REQUEST sashimi for dinner. yes, that's the type of kid i'd like to have. you may need to write a book on how you've gotten your kid to have such a great palate.

Zoomie said...

Jeez, you write as if you know what you're doing.

peter said...

Amy: Tonight he requested "lamb curry soup."

I am writing a book, which does address such things, in a way. Whether it ever sees the light of day is another question.

Zoomie: Fooled you!