Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rabbit Pot Pie

Having stewed a rabbit the other night, I made a roux and took the meat and broth and added to them coconut milk, peas, carrots, truffle salt and lemon thyme, and simmered same while I made a batch of my beloved Grandmother Trude's pie crust. Half of this went over the rabbit mixture and into the oven while the other half awaits the next occasion. Bubbly, crunchy, savory, and just right, with a side of sautéed watercress and pea shoots.

We were lucky enough tonight to have a bit of the 2004 Siduri Pinot left over from a couple of nights ago, so we enjoyed it all opened up and evolved since we cracked it and compared it to a 2002 Thackrey Andromeda, which although newly opened showed that elusive middle which to my taste separates the great from the good; it's the part that welds the ethereal fruit and perfume to the earth and structure and tends to defy easy description. Having said that, though, over time it goes to a very dark fruit and licorice place that all good Cali pinot seems eventually to find and Burgundy never even thinks about.

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