Friday, March 16, 2007

Old Bordeaux

Danny got hold of a 1978 Mouton Rothschild, and thus a dinner was called for. John and Debi came too, and brought a 1979 Pichon-Lalande. I made more of the cannelini-artichoke mixture, and spread it on the toasted homemade bread, then topped each one with a quarter of an artichoke (alla Romana, of course) and a drizzle of truffle oil. These were insanely hearty and great with the 2004 Quintarelli "bianco secco" that John brought along as well as a brown rice and bean risotto, port marinated seitan, and he braised radicchio in coconut water and pesto.
Danny brought potatoes, salad, and cherry planks that he had milled himself. The lamb, opened up and rubbed with a Moroccan lemon/olive/garlic/parsley tapenade, went on the planks over the fire after a quick char on the outside.

It was all delicious, and the 2 old wines were fascinating studies in great wines from lesser years; John called them "wise old women you need to listen to carefully." Though not powerful, they were elegant, seamless, and very different from each other. More different still, and much younger at only 15 years old, our 1992 Beringer offered a distinctly Californian take on the same idea, and while delicious, and at its prime, couldn't rival the subtlety of the other two. And it's the first time I've ever had a Mouton that came out before Star Wars.


Sol said...

Peter, I've been really enjoying your blog.

Hope you can make it down to St. Louis for Dave's Birthday so we can talk wine.



peter barrett said...

I was hoping to have a show in KC, MO this spring but it has been postponed. So unfortunately I don't think there's any way I can make it down. Maybe in the fall, if that's when the show happens...

phil baker said...

Sorry you wont be able to make it for the party.
I love your blog.

I'll have a drink for you on my birthday!

Take care, man! We'll have to get together when I can swing up through there during a summer vacation to Nantucket...

Dave Buttrick