Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pasta e fagioli

I went to Fleisher's to replenish the freezer, and get a lamb shoulder for tonight, and I also got some of their pastrami, which is insanely good- really salty and peppery and smoky- and used some of it in place of pancetta in the soffrito for cannelini (made from dried, of course) along with onion, carrot, and herbs. I sautéed a head of escarole with lemon, oil, and garlic, just like they do at Pepe Giallo. The beans deglazed with wine, then tomatoes, and then a bag of al dente whole wheat penne dumped in to finish; normally this dish is more of a soup, but I like it thicker. Having said that, for lunch today all the leftovers got added to the last of the chicken stew, canned tomatoes, escarole, and even brown rice and made a wicked rainy day fridge stew for all of us.

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