Monday, December 29, 2008

Broth-er Of Invention

The duck pho gave us one more meal before being used up (not counting the quart in the freezer.) I kept it simple tonight, because I was working to finish a new piece and didn't have a ton of time to cook. So I made sushi-rice risotto with a sort of Greek slant: a little lemon juice, lots of woody herbs, spinach and dandelion pestos, and crumbled feta. The underlying hearty, deep, and slightly exotic aroma of the broth was an interesting counterweight to the brash mediterranean flavors on top, and it all melded nicely. On the side, I steamed cauliflower and tossed the florets in minced garlic and a little whipped cream that Christine had made for Milo to dip his banana in (since I rudely used all the rest of the peanut butter powder for dessert at the party on Saturday.)


Heather said...

Nice photo. I'm still wrapping my reptilian brain around all of the components of your risotto, but I think I get it. I think.

The Spiteful Chef said...

Bananas and whipped cream? Lucky little kid...

Powdered peanut butter takes about, oh, 45 seconds to make with the tapioca maltodextrin. You should just teach Milo to throw it together himself.

I like the idea of sushi rice risotto. Maybe I'll steal the idea, using dashi and soy sauce to make the risotto, then topping with a few slabs of o-toro and a drizzle of wasabi cream. Oh my God. Thank you for the inspiration!

Brittany said...

No one uses leftovers like you. There is another blogger out there who procalims herself to be the leftover queen, but I think you are more deserving of that title.

I want a banana dipped in peanut butter powder AND whipped cream.
And sometimes I wish I were Milo.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I just finished making a butternut squash risotto with some of the last of our bounty from our farm share. I love risotto in just about any form.

peter said...

Blanche: I'm sure that once you sober up it won't seem so complicated.

Kristie: He helped me make the PB powder; I'm just saving the rest of the maltodextrin for something else.

Brittany: That's high praise. I shall henceforth be known as Leftover King™.

Jen: I do too, and more importantly the kid just packs it away.