Thursday, January 15, 2009

NYC Part 2

The foodfest continued, and I must say that there was a wonderful continuity to the quality (after Porchetta.) Monday we ent out to Brooklyn, to eat at Flatbush Farm with Amy and Jonny of We Are Never Full. The restaurant gets all their meat from our very own Fleisher's, and they try to use local and seasonal produce. It's the kind of refined home cooking that Brooklyn is doing particularly well, and we had a great time getting to know each other in real life. I had some oysters- sustainable and delicious- followed by two more firsts as a second. Their house-cured bresaola was excellent, and a bean soup was good, though lacking some middle flavors to tie the puréed beans with the mushrooms. I found it a tad too thin, and actually a little too large; if it were concentrated and enriched a little, it would make for a bowl where one picked it up to lick the bottom. As it was, I left a bit.

Tuesday we went to Tartine, a nice little BYO French place in the Village. I had moules frites, and we brought the 1990 Raffault Chinon to drink. Life was good. It was exactly the right kind of place for what I had been craving: honest, simple, high-quality food. After that, I rushed off to meet a couple of other people, and accidentally ordered 6 oysters since they were already eating. I'm really feeling the shellfish right now- doing research for my next magazine piece has taught me a lot about which seafood to buy and which to avoid. Later on I met Andrew and Sophia again and we drank some Belgian beer.

The end.


Heather said...

Quite a punchy ending there, Peter.

How'd that '90 Raffault Chinon sit with you? I was in 8th grade when that wine was bottled.

Peter M said...

delighted that you met Amy & Jonny...I too had a fun night with them.

We Are Never Full said...

so much fun... i just realized i never even asked you about your food. jonny wasn't bowled over by his but his beer soup was really good. my dish was excellent. regardless it was all about the company.

Brittany said...

Your moules frite itch is finally scratched.

peter said...

Blanche: It's a beautiful wine.

Peter: They avoided me for a long time, bit I just kept stalking.

Amy: It was. I'm very pleased with what's happening in Brooklyn right now.

Brittany: It is, and without getting oil all over my kitchen.