Friday, July 17, 2009

Fried Food Is Good Food

Tasting, that is, though not something we do very often. Plus, it's annoying to clean up after. But the ingredients spoke, and would not be denied. I made another batch of pimentón mayonnaise and used it as a binder for the leftover halibut which I had flaked apart with forks. I used my brand new hexagonal cookie cutters to shape them, then dipped them in curry-seasoned panko and browned 'em up. While that was happening, I took washed and dried squash flowers (our winter squash are going fully apeshit on the compost pile with all the rain), stuffed them with mozzarella, and dredged them in a made-up batter of egg, flour, baking powder, and wine. All the fried goodness made a pretty circle around another splendid ragout de jardin. Extra mayo may have been used for swabbing of aforementioned fried goodness. There was wine. Over.


cookiecrumb said...

Ah! Cranky says, "Fish hexagons instead of fish sticks."
I just ate, but I got a flicker... mm.

Heather said...

My dumb zukes didn't come out this year. Who the hell can't grow a zucchini? Our late spring rains brought the gastropodian fail and I never tried a second time. Now I miss the blossoms, though. Sigh.

I bet I could rustle some zukes to sprout in a week, yeah?

Carla and Michael said...

Ilove this recipeof fish cakes. Would love to have your recipe for Pimenton Mayo. Read about it on MattBites when he went to Buenos Aires and talked about Salsa Golf in his May Blogs. Very interested in finding out what ingredients you used. You'll have to check out his blog,everyone loved the salsa golf which is similar to you recipe I would think. Thanks so much.

peter said...

CC: It was pretty out of character, but it sure hit the spot.

Blanche: Yeah. Our first try failed too, since the seeds were old. The new ones are coming up fast, though they're still a week or two away.

Carla & Michael: It does look similar, though maybe it's a bit closer to French dressing. This was really just mayo from scratch with a heaping spoon of smoked paprika added at the beginning. It had the same orange color, but with a nice smokiness. I also used it on patatas bravas to excellent effect.