Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I was talking to the plumber and discussing variations in sauce recipes from family to family; once he left I knew what needed making for dinner. So a bit of bacon and half an onion browned, then a ton of fresh herbs, garlic, a splash of wine, and a can of tomatoes all simmered while I heated up a big pot of water for pasta. The fettucine tossed in with the sauce just before it was al dente, then parsley, good oil, and salt to finish, and freshly grated cheese on top. A side of sautéed watercress with garlic rounded it out, and a 2000 Cortese Barbaresco "Rabajà" had an unbelievable nose, but was way too young, needing another 5 years at least to relax. Still pretty yummy, though.

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