Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been tending to forget to make pre-fermented pizza dough the night before, so lately I've been using a much simpler (if less tasty) recipe that only takes about three hours to rise- though I do make it half white- half whole wheat for better taste and nutrition. Unfortunately, our tired-ass old yeast just didn't have what it takes to make the dough light and bubbly. The end result was more like a really big ugly cracker with pizza toppings on it. (Having said that, they were pretty good crackers.)

The first one (pictured) had caramelized shiitakes with garlic, parsley, and spinach, and the second one was an all-time favorite: onion, garlic, Kalamata olive, capers, and parsley. It's essentially a pizza puttanesca, though without anchovy or hot pepper for the kid's sake. An astonishingly rich and layered combination of flavors that show each other off wonderfully. To drink, a 2001 Saint-Joseph "Cuvée Ro-Ree" by Domaine Chèze; a favorite under $20 and just the ticket to transform a big ugly pizza cracker into a thing less risible.


Heather said...

Shit, you just reminded me I have a bag of (very good for store-bought) dough, some boconcini and a dry salami in my fridge that need eating. Ooh, I have a tub of basil too. Yay! Easy dinner, mama likey.

peter said...

Me likey too.