Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Give A Boy A Fish

The rain continued through the morning, though later on we got nice bursts of sunshine and the air was gorgeous- cool, sharp, clear, fresh- suffused with that early spring wet smell that takes me back to being a kid and spending all my free time in the woods. Alone, or with a friend, it was all about being outside and exploring. The smells of the seasons are instant time machines back to simpler days when catching frogs or kicking down dead trees were the sum of an afternoon's agenda.

Tonight it was just Milo and me, and we had a nice piece of salmon to play with. I cooked his, because he likes it better that way, but sashimi'd mine. To accompany, steamed sweet potato and kale (our two-tiered bamboo steamer was perfect for this) and a salad/salsa of mango, avocado, and Asian pear with lemon juice and olive oil. For the sashimi, I made a little lemon/sesame oil vinaigrette with lots of pepper and some sudachi powder. A 2005 Siduri pinot was a good match to these lighter flavors, but after all the other lighter wines this week I was acutley aware of how front-loaded it is; on the nose, a lovely flowery-ass pinot funk, and good tart fruit in the mouth, then not so much, with decent acid to finish. I've always believed that the defining quality of a higher-priced wine is that middle palate, and the samplings this week have only strengthened that opinion. You don't get what you don't pay for.


Heather said...

That salmon looks excellent. Salmon sashimi is the perfect food.

I make a salsa similar to yours in the summer, when the mangoes are all but turned to liquor. I add habaƱero to mine (a microscopic mince is ideal for heat-spread) and copious amounts of cilantro. The buttery avocado helps against the heat of the chili, so you can really get the capsicum's fruitiness.

peter said...

It's the least-local salad ever, but sometimes you just need a little tropicalia. (Like when it's raining for 2 days straight.) I have a ton of habaƱeros and other peppers dried, but Milo can't deal with the heat, so I tend to leave them out these days.