Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Gluttony

Probably because of the anniversary of my Mom's death, but also because of impending spring and the burgeoning joy and optimism which normally attend the change in weather (and bolstered by having ordered a ton of seeds) we had an excellent sequence of Sunday meals that culminated in our family favorite back when I was a kid. To begin, pancakes, but with yogurt mixed in for extra richness. To compensate for the all-carb beginning, for lunch we had a fridgestrone that has been in the making all week: the chicken/lamb broth, Israeli couscous, orzo, kale, green beans, the chick pea stew, leftover sweet potatoes and canned tomatoes, and a bunch of other things. Built over a couple of days, it was at its peak of rich complexity.

Then, dinner. I was in the garden earlier snipping microgreens for a salad, so I washed them. A big hunk of beef, rubbed with the special house espresso-based rub, and barded with some of the still-fatty pig skin (that I saved because pig fat) got a good roasting in a hot-ass oven. While said roasting was under way, I took the leftover cauliflower and brought it to a boil in more of the broth, then stick-blended it with a chunk of feta into a lovely purée. I also busted out a quick Yorkshire pudding batter (you see where this is going, right?) The soup was intended to be our first course, and it was, but upon tasting the meat and the red wine reduction I made to go with I realized that with a bit of horseradish stirred in the soup would be a genius side for the meat. So for seconds that's just what I did. We opened a 2005 Beaune "Clos du Dessus des Marconnets" by Pernot that did not justify the hype the 05's have gotten; with a mouthful of meat it was fine, but it either needs time to relax or it's just kind of stingy. A couple of hours open helped only a little.


Heather said...

I think it only appropriate to engage in my favorite of the Seven Deadly Sins on the Lord's day.

That Yorky looks like a Dutch baby that deflated slightly.

peter said...

By the time I got the picture taken, it had collapsed. But I swear it was big and puffy shortly before.