Friday, January 18, 2008

Bistro Fare

Again, the leftovers spoke, supplemented by Gruyère from the store and thus was dinner made. First, a couple of onions, nicely caramelized, were transformed as if by magic into some pretty fab soup with the addition of the rest of the beef broth I made for the 10-grain risotto. I cut the marrow into pieces and threw that in, too. Now I know this is supposed to be subsequently baked in a little dedicated onion soup crock, and I still have a couple of my Mom's ancient ones, but they're in the city. You're also not supposed to put bone marrow in it, either, but I'm crazy like that.

In addition, we had some sole left, so I steamed a bunch of fingerling potatoes and then mashed them together with the fish and the rest of the parsnips, plus a little cream. With grated parm on top, into the oven while I steamed a big bowl of kale and tossed it with oil and balsamic. Then, from the oven, voilà: brandade of sorts. Again, not so traditional, and do I mind? Not so much.


Jo said...

Of all the meals, this one appeals to me the most. Brandade? Onion soup? Try raclette instead of Gruyere next time. Heaven.

peter said...

They didn't have any. Emmenthaler either. Still did the job.

cookiecrumb said...

Good one. I don't like the cheese flame-welded to the top of the bowl. Too hot; cheese turns into a lump.
Anyway. We're going to be having a LOT of onion soup, when our 200 onions get harvested (soon).

peter said...

I like it better this way too; you can dip the crouton in as needed. Dip. Crunch. Slurp. Repeat.

I actually still have a few leeks and scallions frozen in the ground; during the last that I pulled a couple out an they were great. I need to grow more onions next year, since we used ours up by the fall.