Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Call Any Vegetable

As a departure from our rich and splendid weekend, I went for something hearty yet clean, trying to make it both healthy and satisfying. So for protein, red lentils made into dal- Milo loves them and they don't need to be presoaked. Then the roasted kabocha that ended up as the tortelloni filling went in a pot with some canned tomatoes, carrots, onion, seeds and spices, and some water, and simmered to combine all the flavors. And for a contrasting veggie side, cabbage braised with caraway, mustard, and cider vinegar (pretty much the same as I made the other night.) Had I used dairy or coconut milk, or more intense spices, it would surely have been better, but for those recovering from a weekend of many pleasures, it was about right.


Moonbear said...

...call it by name!
You and I have just dated ourselves- or outed ourselves, or out-dated ourselves.

peter said...

All of the above. (They're real good for you, they keep you regular...)