Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Earth Tones

The garden gave us more bounty today, in the form of celery root, collards, and cabbage. I shredded the greens and cooked them low with a bit of salt pork, and cooked the celery root with a broccoli stalk and the last of the parsnip-burdock mixture in the fridge. Once soft, I puréed it all together with a pat of butter and a drop each of white truffle oil and Mexican vanilla extract. I had made some pickles the day before by vacuum-sealing carrots, burdock, and parsley stems with white miso and leaving them in the fridge overnight to marinate. An organic ribeye steak, seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbes de Provence, cooked sous vide at 54˚ C for an hour. We drank a 2003 Jaboulet Vacqueyras that handled the spectrum of earthy flavors pretty well; roots, greens, meat and miso all harmonized nicely for a rich winter meal.

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