Thursday, January 24, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

We've had this wretched flu all week, and are only just climbing out from under it, so this was a meal worthy of such a hangover. (My Father is English, and when I was living there spent a memorable weekend in Sheffield- late-night Dalek imitation with trash cans was involved- with friends where we soothed throbbing heads with eggs, beans, chips, toast, mushy peas and pints of tea.) I had the foresight to soak pinto beans in the morning, and get them on the stove about two hours before dinner. With salt pork, onion, BBQ sauce, ketchup, vinegar, herbs and water, they bubbled while I baked sweet potatoes- chips being far too ambitious- braised kale, and fried eggs. Tomorrow we might start eating like healthy people again.


jenblossom said...

This looks to me like just what the doctor ordered. Be well!

cookiecrumb said...

I just gave two unopened bottles of ketchup to the food bank. ;)

Glad you're feeling better. That looks like a gentle but nourishing repast.

Sharona May said...

Breakfast for dinner is great once or twice a month!!!

peter said...

JB: It was. Comfort food all the way.

CC: Having a 3-year-old means having ketchup. Next summer I'm going to make our own from the garden.

SM: It is. It fits well with the pajamas-all-day aesthetic.