Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Close Enough For Jazz

A while back I did a thing with red snapper and red pepper juice, so seeing snapper in the store today I figured I'd try a variation with some carrot juice thrown in. And then I remembered the blue potatoes. In back there are cubes of caramelized turnip with onion, to the right the potatoes mashed with Greek yogurt, all around is the pepper-carrot juice reduction, and on top of the crispy fish is the foam that the juicer invariably leaves on top of the catch bowl. It tasted good; honestly I phoned in the presentation because I don't feel good (again.) This winter is a freaking chore.


cookiecrumb said...

My eyes are bleeding!
(In a good way, of course. Bleeding eyes is a good thing.)

Zoomie said...

What a gorgeous and interesting and tempting plate! If this is what you do when you feel lousy, imagine what visual fun you'll have once you recover!

peter said...

My brain was bleeding; cooking with a fever is no fun. Getting better.

The blue potatoes really do something to the other colors, since there are so few really blue foods. The ice cream scoop was in the drawer so I grabbed it.