Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Good Day

First off, it's warm here for a few days. Really warm- flirting with 60˚ today. So yesterday afternoon I grabbed the scissors and headed out to the garden. Here's the result: about a dozen different kinds of greens, all happily defying the winter under the plastic covers (with Milo helping to wash them.)

And to further illustrate the inspiration that the warmth has brought, here's a quick summary of all three meals today. For breakfast, my new favorite: a peanut butter, sambal oelek, cilantro, and scallion sandwich with a little sesame oil and lemon juice. A fantastic beginning.

It's not often that I have or take the time to make exactly the lunch I want; it's usually more a matter of convenience and available leftovers. This time, though, I felt motivated to turn the rest of our gorgeous smoked salmon into a pâté with butter, lemon juice, herbs and a little olive oil. Combined with toasted pita, the rest of the Thai-style sweet potato salad, pickles- garlic-stuffed olives, cornichons, homemade beets- and a glass of just-squeezed tangerine juice, it was the sort of lunch to remind me that it's time and effort well spent to eat this way whenever possible, no matter how busy the day.

And for dinner, the greens, tossed with olive oil and a little sherry vinegar plus brown rice made sticky & creamy by recooking with a little water, burdock and parsnip braised with soy sauce, and crispy tofu tossed in our barbecue sauce. Like summer in January.

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